First post of many to come!!



Welcome to my blog

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Ana Maria Leon. I am a college student in the USA, but was born and raised in Colombia, South America. I came to the US about five years ago, with the hope to build my life, go to school, find my passions and eventually get an awesome job. Well, I am still in the process!

My family and I moved here when I was finishing High School, so it was pretty tough for me to adjust and transition to a new system. I ended up having to start HS all over, when I was just about to graduate in Colombia. ugh! it was annoying, but you know what? I made it and experienced some of the most life-changing, personality-shaping things. They helped me realize how capable and strong I can be; so I’m forever thankful for all those adversities. [And of course, to my mother who comforted me and explained that what I was facing at the moment was not perpetual] So, for anyone out there who is struggling, please stay strong that everything happens for a reason.

Writing is very liberating to me; I thought “Why not bring my reflection of certain topics to life”. With that being said,  I want this platform to be a space of discussion and help for the many people out there who relate to my experiences and the ones that stop by to learn something new.

What you will see from me:

Primarily, I want to talk about the beauty of life; I want to share with you how I perceive growth and what are some of the things that contribute to my well-being. I have a passion for self-improvement, standing up for yourself and independence. And the reason why, it’s because as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the years I’ve spent in the US  have been a really turning point in my life.

But, I also want to keep the door open to talk about common topics that involve us all.

My purpose is to keep things fun, so that you can get some humor and comfort out of this blog. Stick around and enjoy my anecdotes!


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